Interior Design
An initial consultation begins at the client's home or office. We begin by listening. During the first visit we can start understanding the needs, making suggestions and eliminating clutter. After the first consultation we have a better understanding of your goals. A design fee is charged for this consultation.
Project detailed

Based on the scope of the project, the second appointment may include new floor plans, catalog pictures and viewing of samples. The fees will be either by project or based on an hourly design fee.

We can make your life easier and manage the whole project from purchasing, order processing and deliveries to installation. However, you have the option to manage any of these areas yourself.


KMA Interiors is an authorized dealer for Lee Industries. The advantage of using a professional designer is that you get a more personalized look without spending any more than you would by visiting a retailer on your own.

KMA clients are not restricted to use only the pro-ducts we represent. Sometimes the best solutions come from other retailers. In this case, a design fee is added to the cost of the merchandise.

Avoiding costly mistakes

An experienced professional will help you do the job right the first time and keep within your budget.

Time Savings

Time is valuable.  Dealing with design, purchasing and overseeing installations can be a challenge to fit into your schedule; a cost you should take into consideration.


Interior designers have the knowledge and access to trade resources on a very different level. Unlike a retail store, they are not limited to companies they represent: the best solutions can come from variety of sources. It is not only the aesthetics that matter; designers are trained to look for quality, performance and comfort. KMA Interiors is committed to utilizing environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions and products made in USA.


Hiring a designer can bring you a new perspective and a set of fresh new ideas.  A designer has the ability to translate your lifestyle and needs into design solutions and turn ideas into reality.